How to Get on The Property Ladder in Wellington

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Buying a home is a major investment. Hence, you need to do a proper home inspection before finalizing the deal. A home inspection service can tell you about the structural defects, plumbing, electricity issues, roofing problems, ventilation concerns, and so many other things that you cannot notice without proper skill and experience. Followings are the benefits of hiring the home inspection services.

Structural defects: They will inspect the floors, ceiling, walls, attic, and the foundation of the construction. And they will give the information of the exact details after a proper engineering and architectural analysis.

Roof: They will inspect the condition, flashing, the drainage system and the material of the roof. You will get the accurate information and can decide accordingly.

Electricity: They will inspect all the electricity issues that include disconnect points, visible points, service panels, circuit breakers, grounding wires, and light fixtures.

Plumbing: When it comes to the plumbing, they will check the waste removal fixtures and lines, water supply fixtures and lines, accessible drains, fuel storage system, the water heaters, the sewage ejector, and the sump pumps.

Exterior: They will check the entire visible exterior that includes wall covering, exterior doors, windows, siding, fascia, deck and porches, patios, driveways, walkways, and the railing. Besides, they will inspect drainage, retaining walls, slopes, and the air-conditioning systems.

HAVC: They will check the heating and cooling systems, ducting and the other related distribution systems. Remember that you will not be able to check these things without professional knowledge.

Interior checking: They will check the visible interior that includes countertops, interior walls, railings, stairs, floors, garage interiors, and other connected appliances.

Hazardous materials: Home inspectors are also able to detect the hazardous materials. They can check the volatile organic compounds. They can detect the materials that can create dangers for you and your family in the future.

Ventilation: They will also inspection all the ventilation systems that include closets, attics, basements, kitchen, and the laundry rooms.

How to choose the home inspection service

The process is simple. You will get many home inspections in Wellington, NZ. You just need to choose a service that is skilled, experienced, licensed, insured and has a good reputation in this industry. An experienced service might charge more for the inspection, but that is worth spending. By hiring them you can avoid the expenditure that you will have to do in future without having a proper knowledge about the home. Besides, if you detect the problem early; you can ask the seller for the repairing and can get the home at a comparatively less price as well.

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Buying your First Home: How to Find the Perfect Property

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Buying your first home is probably one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever have to face. This challenge is so daunting that many potential buyers are seriously tempted to either get the first house that they like or to remain in their rented apartment and put up with any adverse conditions. However, the good news is that you can ease the home buying process through planning and preparation.

The following are some considerations you should take in order to make the home buying process as easy as possible and to ensure that you will find the perfect property for your needs.

1. Determine your Long-Term Goals

For starters, you need to assess your goals and determine if home ownership fits anywhere in the picture. You might want to turn all those wasted rent payments into mortgage payments or you might have had unreliable tenancy services in the past and want to cut out the middle man. Whatever the reason, it is smart to narrow down your home ownership goals and to determine what it is that actually drives you.

2. Determine what Type of Property Suits your Needs

Secondly, you need to determine what kind of property is the right one for you. Do you need a traditional single-family home, a condo, a town-house, or a multi-family home? You need to realize that each option has its own pros and cons and carefully consider wants vs. needs, especially if you do not have an expansive budget, then choose the right one for you.

3. Choose the Features

Another aspect you need to look at when buying your first home is the features your house will have. Because you are making the biggest purchase of your life, it is wise to be flexible and think out of the box when considering the features. Your list should include basic needs, such as the neighbourhood, number of rooms, porch, garage, bathroom layout, kitchen size and bedroom appearance. If your home has a solar energy system installed or other green features to help reduce bills, that’s even better.

4. What Type of Mortgage you can Afford

Consider how much you can afford to spend monthly on your mortgage. First off, you need to find out what kind of mortgage you quality for: Even though you might want to live in a $300,000 home, you might only be able to afford a $200,000 one. The lenders will decide your upper limit depending on factors like monthly income, debt and for how long you’ve been at your current job.

You also need to determine how much you can afford. If you have to pay $500 a month, but you have only $400 left after paying for all the expenses, you need to reconsider. Similarly, if your rent payment is $700 and you will have to pay $1,000 for your mortgage rate, you need to think if you can afford an extra $300 a month.

5. Inspect your Home

Lastly and probably most importantly, you need to conduct a house inspection in order to determine if the home you want to buy is safe and danger-free. Home Check is experienced in providing pre-purchase inspections in Wellington and the greater region to find out if a certain property is worth buying.

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Buying a home is a serious investment which needs to be considered carefully. If you have seen a house which ticks all the boxes for you & your family don’t let your heart rule your head! Make sure you get a property inspection before signing on the dotted line. If you are looking for a home in the Greater Wellington area just give Home Check a call.

We are a company that provides house inspections in Wellington, offering a wide range of services to clients all over Wellington, the Kapiti Coast, Upper and Lower Hutt and Porirua. Our team has a wealth of experience in the building and construction industry and we deliver building reports which are not only honest and fair, but are also comprehensive in nature.

Our Services

Clients who find our services useful are those who want to buy property and need a background check before they can make an investment. Our experts will inspect your potential new home thoroughly and provide a detailed report about the structural condition and general state of your home.

We not only carry out a pre purchase inspection but also vendor’s home inspection services. The latter means that you conduct a home inspection on your own home before you can sell it to someone else. This increases the chances of your home selling faster because potential buyers would appreciate the prospect of buying a home which has an inspection report.

An inspection also ensures that you note down which aspects of the home need repair or replacement. You can subsequently renovate the house or install a few fixtures before you sell it. This also increases the value of the property.

Apart from providing inspection services, our experts will also help you come up with solutions to any areas of concern in the home. We will provide you with photographs of the problem areas and explanations under the various areas. We can also recommend professionals such as plumbers, painters and electricians to help you bring the property back up to shape. Our advice is also geared towards enabling you to make a wise decision when buying your dream home.


The benefit of using our services is that all our home inspections are done by a professional and experienced builder. This means that our services are reliable and you can trust them. We also work within your time frame to make sure that you get the inspection report as soon as possible.

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